The Stories behind “The Story”

The Stories behind “The Story”

A vineyard and a wine business, is it really as ideal as it sounds?

Having a vineyard and wine business sounds like a picturesque and romantic life but is often filled with some big highs and crushing lows.   Having our “little piece of dirt” enabled us to literally ‘grow’ a new life for ourselves and our family.

The Road Less Travelled is an episode of the very popular Ducks on the Pond podcast, a podcast by rural women, FOR rural women across Australia and beyond.

Jane was interviewed by Kirsten Diprose and Jackie Elliot, the women behind the Ducks on the Pond podcast. Very privileged to be have been featured on this podcast and sharing some of our story.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Ducks on the Pond and learn a little more about “Our Story”.

Show Notes

We might dream of it, but what are the realities of chasing rare adventures or living an extraordinary life?

In this episode Kirsten and Jackie meet two rural women who have done just that. But along with the highs, there have been some crushing lows.

•Jane Richards – is now a wine producer in SA with a successful wine label. But in the early 2000s, she was was high-flyer in New York, with a multi million dollar home and luxury yacht, until it all came crashing down… and she ended up back at her parents’ home, with no money, no job and four children to look after. But she did have a “little piece of dirt,” which enabled her to literally ‘grow’ a new life for herself and her family.

•Tanya Heaslip – an award winning author and lawyer from Outback NT, who backpacked around central Europe in the 1980s (an extremely rare thing for an Australian woman to do then). She fell in love with the region, however nearly died in an isolated village, unable to speak the language or contact home. But it was these experiences that fuelled her drive to write and view her own unique, outback childhood in a new light.

Jane and Tanya candidly share their stories and you’ll get a glimpse into how the hard times have shaped the passion and resilience they have now.

But… is the road less travelled for you?

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